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Hi, I am Amin, I am a lecturer at Swiss Federal institute of Technology of Lausanne (EPFL) and teach several courses on “change and transformation” to business executives, managers, and graduate students. Trained as an engineer (Ph.D. in Manufacturing Systems & Robotics from EPFL and graduate degree in Industrial Engineering), I transitioned to leadership roles and served as an executive in a corporate and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of a Swiss startup. Later, I refined my leadership skills and re-learned how to serve as a high-performing leader at IMD Business School. As a consultant, mentor, and executive coach (PCC), I support many organizations ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to entrepreneurial firms and industries as diverse as Luxury Goods, Pharma, MedTech, Consumer Goods, and Education.

Free inspiration, strategies, and tips to become a better engineering leader

I put out a post/video about something I’ve learned in my two decades in business about “change and transformation”. And sometimes I have pretty cool people stop by to share their insights and wisdom. Check out the links below.

From Disruption to Recovery

How Leaders Create Psychological Safety and Trust?

COVID-19 Impacts on Future of Consumer Goods


Amin is an extremely warm and friendly person - so utterly approachable and open. He is great at focusing on the client and drilling down extremely quickly to the core issues. He uses effective techniques at the appropriate moment, and always according to the client’s needs and circumstances. By reviewing and checking his understanding, the client feels well oriented - it is always clear where progress has been made and how future needs will be addressed. I would highly recommend Amin as an Executive/corporate coach."

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Judith Fyfe
HR professional, The World Intellectual Property Organization

A true professional, I felt at ease to talk about my personal challenges and the areas I would like to improve. Amin listens attentively and asks right questions, his executive coaching supported me to lead in the right direction."

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Madeleine Eilert
Global Responsible Sourcing Leader, Nestlé

Amin’s highly advanced listening skills make him an extraordinary executive coach, he helped me to believe in myself and to pursue my dreams."

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Bettina Husemann
Project Manager, Health Promotion, Switzerland

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